Agadir Hammam

agadir hammam

Agadir Hammam and Well being in Agadir and Hammam in Agadir in the best and fabulous Hammam in Agadir experience .

Spend a memorable hour experiencing an authentic Agadir hammam and enjoy the bathing and scrubbing rituals that have been followed by Moroccans for centuries. This private hammam is the real thing, and is located in the heart of Agadir city.

Price : 25 Euro


Enjoy a 1-hour traditional Agadir hammam visit

Experience a body scrub by scrubbing mitt

Participate in a centuries-old Moroccan tradition

 The hammam is an incredibly important part of Moroccan culture and life. Men, women, and children visit their local hammam at least once per week, spend 2-3 hours there catching up on gossip with their friends, and follow the long rituals for cleansing their bodies until their skin glows.The roots of Moroccan culture are still very evident everywhere you go, with many women covering their bodies, sometimes still from top to toe, when out in public. Visiting a hammam can a real eye-opener for the more reserved Westerner, however. Modesty isn’t part of the hammam experience. Men and women bathe separately, of course.Enjoy a body scrub, experience the traditional black soap, and relax with a coffee or tea as you take part in this centuries-old Moroccan tradition. Hammams used to be the only place people could bathe and scrub. The private hammam you’ll visit on this 1-hour experience is an authentic hammam located in the heart of Agadir.

What’s Included:

• 1-hour Moroccan hammam visit
• Body scrub
• Black soap
• Shampoo (you can bring your own)
• Ghassoul
• Underwear
• Towels
• Tea or coffee
• Hotel pick-up/drop off services available for Agadir hotels
• Hammam visit possible for women and men together (couples or friends or families)

Good to Know:

Please note that this activity is not recommended for those with high or low blood pressure.

The activity is suitable for participants aged 16 and older.


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