Agadir 4 Hands Massage

agadir 4 hands massage

Agadir 4 hands Massage and Well being in Agadir and Massage in Agadir are the best choice to relax and we offer you to best ever .

Enjoy an incredible 1-hour massage as 2 professional masseuses relieve you of all the tensions and stresses in your muscles and joint. Experience a paradise of sensation and a relaxation like none you have felt before with this unique massage.

Price : 50 euro


Experience the paramount of relaxation with this unique massage

Feel 4 hands massaging all the stresses and tensions from your muscles

Prepare for the experience of a lifetime with this unforgettable 1-hour massage in the beautiful city of Agadir.This special type of massage, unique to the city of Agadir, involves 2 professional masseuses that simultaneous massage all the stresses and tensions from your body. Whether your neck hurts, or your lower back, or you just want to relax and feel the tensions flow from your body, this special massage will do wonders for your body.Get comfortable in the serene massage parlor and allow the professional masseuses to relieve your joints and muscles of pains and tensions and experience a paradise of sensation and relaxation.
What’s Included:

• Professional massage from 2 masseuses simultaneously
• Bikini
• Towel



3 thoughts on “Agadir 4 Hands Massage

  1. ★★★★★
    What can i say about this ? if you would like to travel with your feeling to the paradise , don’t hesitate to book this service . RECOMMENDED

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