Tafraoute Trip From Agadir

Visit the weekly market in Tafraout, travel through the Anti-Atlas’s Ameln Valley, and stop for lunch before admiring the almond groves and the panoramic views from Kerdous Peak.

Take a scenic roundtrip journey through Anti-Atlas’s remote Ameln Valley to the small village, Tafraout, which means “trough” or “depression,” and see its weekly market that occurs every Tuesday. Explore the outskirts of the town and discover mini-mansions among boulders, which are occupied mostly by Tafraoutis who hold jobs inMorocco or Europe and return for the holidays each year.See the boulders that surround the village and extend through the entire Ameln Valley, changing from pink to gray to gold, depending on the time of day, and the almond trees that are prevalent in the Ameln Valley.Stop for lunch in Tafraout, and see the brightly painted houses and friendly Berber people who live here. Spend some time admiring the scenery and browsing the local market.Pass picturesque fortified villagesalmond groves, and fields surrounded by prickly pear hedges. Make your way to the Kerdous Peak and admire views 3609 feet above sea level.Continue to the silver capital, Tiznit, which has maintained a glowing reputation for its metalwork and silver jewelry.

Inclusions :

  • Unique Exclusive Experience
  • Hotel pick up / Drop off
  • Answering All Questions
  • Stop For Pictures ..etc
  • Transportation
  • Tour Monitor is available in English and French, Swedish and Arabic languages .
  • Gasoline
  • Travel insurances

60 Euro Per Person

Approximately 11 hours

Departure time and location:
7 AM; from the lobby of your Agadir hotel

Return time and location:
6 PM; to the lobby of your Agadir hotel

Participation in this tour is complimentary for children younger than age 2. Tour gratuity is not included and is at your discretion.


3 thoughts on “Tafraoute Trip From Agadir

  1. ★★★★★
    I first visited the Painted rocks on my first visit to Tafraoute in 2003 – since saw them again in 2005 and 2007 and a number of times when started coming to Tafraoute more frequently from 2010. They were painted again 2 years ago for the first time since the original Belgian man painted them. I visited them again this May 2013 to drive the new road that comes from Aday village and goes across country to the road that comes from Tafraoute through Aguerd Oudad to Col Kerdous. The rocks around here are pink granite so very pretty especially when the sun is shining on them.
    Spring through to early summer there is lovely flowers and wheat growing around here and if you keep on the lookout you will see all sorts of wildlife such as lizards, squirrels and different varieties of birds. During winter the colours of the sky are really vivid and make all the surrounding rocks and plants very strong colours – even more beautiful.
    In January there is a music festival here at the rocks which I haven’t been to though. Ive usually come for the almond blossom festival in February or March or the music festival that is on in July each year in the town centre.
    The fact is they are in lovely countryside and make a nice walk to get to them, or rent a bike and cycle around the area. The dirt road from the rocks to the village of Aguerd Oudad with the rock formation called Napoleons Hat is also a lovely route to walk and comes out in the back streets of the village and into the main square there.

  2. ★★★★★
    These are a magnificent and unusual part of this lovely little town of Tafraout. Even though people seem to think because they have been painted by hand that they are not natural. But if you read into the reason that they where painted you will understand this was an expression of love not a reason to deface the landscape but to enhance the unusual shapes and unusual way the rocks sit on each other. This is only one small part of this lovely, still relatively unspoiled town. The people are friendly and helpful and it is great to see that in this world of rules and regulations that the children can still play outside without any of the worries of our society. I LOVE TAFRAOUT!!!!!!

  3. ★★★★★
    Tafrouate Tour from Agadir was excellent , thank you for the fun

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