Agadir Berber Life Experience in 3 Days

Itinerary :

Departure at 8:30 from Agadir via Ait Baha .

Visit Agadir Imchgigeln ( fortified granary ) and the kasbah Tizourgane .

The city of Tafraoute , the Gorge Ait Mensour and painted rocks (lunch there) .

Then go home to the Berber Village , welcoming tea and installation in room ( very simple bed on the floor and carpets) .

Women to the kitchen to light the fire and make dinner , men can be watering the garden in the traditional way and then Diner.

then some Berber pastries and  and cultural discussion ( night at the Berber family).

The next day the women in the kitchen making bread and cook a Tafarnout ( for Breakfast) .

The men will go with the local  guide to the  souk on donkeys  back to shop and return in the noon for lunch.

Meanwhile women go outside the village to collect firewood and grass for cows . , And back to the kitchen to make couscous .

After lunch, a nap and then a half day hiking in the area .

Back in the evening for a break with the olive oil and honey and Amelou, have dinner and ( possibiliter sing Ahwache if it is a large group ) if not the fact with the family.

The third day after lunch we will leave the village and leads to Amtoudi – Tiznite – National Park massalunch at Fatima Rasmouka (visit the small desert ) .

And afternoon along the coast until Tifnit. Vist Pottery and returned to the hotel in Agadir.

Included :

  • Unique Exclusive Experience
  • Hotel pick up / Drop off
  • Answering All Questions
  • Stop For Pictures ..etc
  • Transportation
  • Tour Monitor is available in English and French, Swedish and Arabic languages .
  • Gasoline
  • Travel insurances
  • 3 day / 2 night Tour in Complete Board

Participation in this tour is complimentary for children younger than age 2. Tour gratuity is not included and is at your discretion.

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