Agadir Berber Night

Agadir Berber Night and Fantasia Show


1001 Nights Moroccan Banquet and Fantasia From 60 Euro per Adult / minimum 2 persons

Seated in Caidal tents you’ll experience delicious Moroccan specialities while being entertained by the livelyGnaouasacrobats, snake charmer, exotic belly dancer, fire eater and for the finale – superb tribal warrior display of Arab stallions and horsemenship.

Take a short drive from Agadir to a traditional Moroccan greeting. Dine on a 5-course dinner in a Caidal tent, featuring Harira soup and dates, chicken tagine cooked with lemon, couscous with meat and 7 vegetables, sweet pastille, Moroccan pastries, and mint tea.Enjoy local entertainment, such as the lively Gnawas, the Megouna, Rouaess, and Dekka Marrakchia dancers. Watch acrobats, fire eaters, and snake charmers, before watching an exotic belly dancer.Witness the spectacular Fantasia show, featuring Arab stallions and rides, adorned in battle attire, charging up the field while firing rounds of gunpowder.Learn about the history of and significance of folklore and the show while spending time with your family.Inclusions :

  • Round-trip transportation
  • Dinner
  • Traditional Moroccan entertainment

Approximately 3 1/2 hours

Departure time and location:
Approximately 6 PM; the lobby of your hotel

Return time and location:
9.30 PM; same as departure location


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