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London, capital of the United Kingdom, also known as the “Fog City” because its climate – almost – always fog even in the summer. With this, London is one of the oldest cities in the world history and present; not only found in Shakespeare’s plays, but is present in many Arab and international novels.

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London is the center of Britain’s political, economic and cultural being home to a large number of the most prominent universities, theaters, museums and headquarters of international organizations and international companies. The most beautiful city in the vital combination of cultures that tourists can recognize it soon as you walk on the sidewalk or ride the famous red bus, or navigate the London Underground with thousands of people of other nationalities. Here it must be emphasized that the London experience is not complete without riding one of the black taxi which offers fascinating spectacle of the landmarks of the city.

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The City of London vibrant cultural, artistic and recreational life, you will find always new effectiveness can be detected, it shows to a random offers to film festivals. You will find the best in London theater scene in the world, and if you are interested in watching the play, look for West End theater program (West End Theatre), the musicals you watch, or classical or modern.

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