The Great South

Merzouga is a small Berber village with a population of about 1500 located same 50Kms south of Erfoud.A few kms away from Merzouga village situated Erg Chebbi dunes Morocco’s only genuine Saharan erg ( 250m High) one of the those huge drifting expanses of sand dunes that typify much of the Algerian Sahara.
Travelling to the Sahara desert will be a chance to discover numerous of villages arround the dunes, Hamada, lost Oasis, Lakes of the desert, desert plates and the nomad of the desert under their tents.
Camel Caravan on the Erg Chebbi  dunes
Rissani was once the capital of the kingdom in the 8th century and it was centuries ago a very busy commercial trade centre sun-sahararan African and to the North.Today Rissani is an attractive centre with many historical features among them the Mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif ancestor of Moulay Rachid the founder of the Alouite dynasty and its here where a lively market is held 3 times a week.Not far from Rissani located Oulad Abd Lhlim Ksar the most interested construction of its kind in the area of Tafilalite.
Rissani Gate to the Sahara

On the edge of Tafilalte and Tizimi palm grove situated Erfoud.It was founded in 1917 as as military post by the french.Today it is the best destination of Sahara desert excursions.Its here where  festival of date fruit is held each October of the year.

Erfoud Palm Grove

Ouarzazate was founded by the french in 1928.Through here the trans-Sahara caravans once passed linking Marrakech to Timbuktu to Mali and to the caravanserai of Sahel.Today the Moroccans have been working hard promoting it as a big destination.Nowadays it is the most developed city in southern Morocco and gets a good strategic position for the presence of the film industry and cinema studios.Ouarzazate offers the biggest Glaoui Kasbah in the region it is Taourirt or ” hill fortress” as it derived from the Berber and Arabic combination and the Kasbah itself offers a magnificent view from its terrace.

Same 30Kms from Ouarzazate on the top of a hill located an other exotic UNESCO heritage site Ait Ben-Haddou Kasbah with mud construction it is considered one of the best preserved Kasbah in the whole Atlas region and it is an attractive place for film-makers and where many famous movies were filmed like ” Tea in the Sahara “, ” Babeil”, ” Gladiator ” and ” Lawarance of Arabia” …
The Taourirt Kasbah Ouarzazate

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