Atlantic Ocean

Agadir ” Fortified Granary ” or Miami of Morocco the first seaside resort of the country with its long golden sand beaches.Agadir is a modern, busy and dynamic city it offers a fantastic night life with laser light shows technology, night club and discos.
A view of the Agadir beach

Essaouira “Well-designed” is the most popular of the costal cities it has a magnificent beach that curves for miles to the south, its atmosphere is in complete contrast to that Souk cities of Marrakech and Fes.If you had to choose one city of costal cities in Morocco it would be Essaouira.Ocean view castle ramparts and grilled fish restaurants right on the ocean side.The exotic architecture styles that give a perfect impression on your trip to this city.

Sunset Essaouira beach
El Jadida

96Kms south of Casablacanca located an other and the last UNESCO site in Morocco, El Jadida established by the the Portugueses and destinated by the French its ancient Medina along with Altantic coast made it one of the most beautiful cities from all coastal Moroccan cities.For a couple of years El Jadida was left and neglected until the recolonization of the Portugueses merchants arround 1850.The mixture of West Europen Features with Moroccan taste gave to this city an amazing-unique view.

Portuguese cistern El-Jadida

Asilah was occupied by the Portugueses who built the town’s fortification in 1471.Asilah situated in the northern Morocco its one of the beautiful Atlantic coastal cities of Morocco especially in summer with it excellent beach, gentle people and clean streets.If you are looking for tranquility then this is the place to be.

Asilah Beach

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