Mount Mgoun

DAY 1:
►After breakfast drive by fields of through the beautiful towns of Skoura and El-Kelaa Des M’Gnoua. If you’re traveling during spring you fill pass fields of pink Persian roses.
►Upon entering the perfume manufacturing town of El Kelaa Des M’Gnoua and crossing through the Valley of Roses, you have will discover the three breathtaking mountain villages at Bou Thaghrar. The Bou Thaghrar villages are the meeting point of several rivers running through the surrounding valleys and are nestled within MountMgoun, the second highest mountain in Morocco. Your driver will take you on a journey through the many pises (windy roads) where nomadic families live.
►Go on a trek by foot or by mule with a guide by foot or continue to explore by 4×4 around this breathtaking valley. Mount Mgoun boasts earth-toned colors and rock formations that bring to mind picturesque scenery of America’s great west.
►If you arrive in April or May you will find blooming roses in the towns that surround Mount Mgoun. Enjoy lunch in a local gites d’tapes (restaurant/ auberge) with a stunning view of Mgoun.
Return to Ouarzazate on the route that passes by the Boumaine Dadès Valleyand Stretches out between the peaks of the High Atlas and the Jbel Sarhro mountain range, known as the “The Valley of One Thousand Kasbahs’. This area is the most prominent of the oasis valleys that dominate southern Morocco. Originating from melt water high up in the snowfields of the Haute Atlas, the river Dadès cuts a steep gorge, known as the Dadès Gorge, at Aït Oudinar and Aït Ali. From here, it flows across the broad Dadès Valley in a south-westerly direction towards Quarzazate. With its rocky roads with oleanders, panoramic sights of the mountains and the Kasbah villages, this return trip is a photographer’s delight and one for the adventure traveler.

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