DAY 1:
►Breakfast at your hotel and then depart Ouarzazate for the town of Imilchil in theAtlas mountains.
►On your drive away from the red city you will pass emerald green fields and open valleys. Imilchil is located high up in the lake plateau of the High Atlas Mountainsin Morocco. In this quaint village you will find primarily Berber tribal clans who have a strong sense of culture and tradition that has been preserved for decades.
► Arrive at Imilchil in early afternoon, an intimate village that represents theBerber culture of all Amazigh and is known for its famous Marriage FestivalSouk Aam or Agdoud N’Oulmghenni.
► After a traditional Berber lunch of a tajine, locally fresh baked bread, and fruit visit the largest souk in the valley where men come to buy and sell livestock or stock up on supplies for the winter.
►We will continue to explore the valley in a comfortable air conditioned/heated 4×4. You will see mule tracks that are the village’s only communication with the outside world. See women carrying barely on their backs, admire the differently striped cloaks signally a villager’s tribe and see weavers spin sheep’s wool.
►Visit the fine caidal kasbah whose decorative towers are admired by visitors. The angled towers that resemble inverted cooking pots are said to be a symbol of prosperity and bring ‘baraka’ – good luck and protection against the evil eye.
► In late afternoon, we will take the road back to Marrakesh.
Seasonal Travel in Imilichil Morocco
►Come in September and experience a one of a kind event where potential bridesand grooms of surrounding villages dress in traditional clothes and participate in the lively Marriage Festival to find their soul-mate.
►The Imilchil Marriage Festival is the prime attraction of this village. Each September, the surrounding tribes, Aït Sokham and Aït Bouguemmaz celebrate the Imilchil Marriage Festival, held in Souk Aam and Agdoud N’Oulmghenni. This festival, also known as September Romance, features the Aït Yaazza culture of an annual collective marriage where women search and choose their husband.
Imichil is also the perfect place to meet the group of semi-nomadic sheppardswho live by the patterns of seasons. In the autumn men till the soil and sell goods, in the winter women collect river water and weave woolen blankets, during the spring dig and maintain irrigation channels and come summer the women harvest. Learn trueBerber hospitality when your guide introduces you to the friendly villagers. This ends your Morocco Travel Experience.

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