Drâa Valley


 ►The Draâ Valley is Morocco’s longest river and is formed by the confluence of theDades River and Imini River. It flows from the High Atlas Mountains southeastward to Tagounit and from Tagounit mostly westwards to the Atlantic Ocean somewhat north of Tan-Tan. The water from the Draâ is used to irrigate Palmeraies and small horticulture along the river. The inhabitants of the Draâ are called Drawi, used to refer to the dark skinned people of Draâ that make up the largest portion of its inhabitants.

►During a Draa Valley Tour on-day tour, begin the road from Ouarzazate and drive by 4×4 into Draa Valley to discover its volcanic rock and breathtaking landscapes along with the old route of the caravans.If time allows visit Tisgui, a cliff village which is the road to the Cascades of Tisgui.

►Next take the road to the town of Agdz, referred to as the Door to the Draa Valley and famous for its market of dates and palmeraie. Enjoy the landscape and view of the Draa Valley Palmeraie.  Journey from Agdz on a seven-kilometer pise in the Draa Valley to discover old Ksars where the Berbers have been living for centuries. This area is known for the Haritine people who are black descendants from the region of Mali.

►The Draa Valley originally was known as the Valley of Olives but when the 19thCentury caravans passed through the date palms arose within the trails they traveled.  The palms proved to be a better choice to continue as a grown commodity because they bare dates, are used to make baskets, leafy carpets and over shade for the inhabitants.

►Next, tour Kasbah Tamnougalt. The Kasbah Tamnougalt is incredible with its soaring spaces built of red pise (mud), tunnels and Kasbahs. Kasbah Tamnougalt also has a large Jewish quarter (mellah)

►Then continue the road to N’kob. Just 5 kilometers after Nkob you will visit the village of Ait Ouzzine (the nice village). Ait Ouzzine is nestled within the Middle Atlas Mountains. Aït Ouzzine is a Berber village inhabited by over 300 families who live in beautifully painted crenulated Kasbahs, with their own henna fields, water wells, livestock and gardens. This peaceful village is tucked away along an impressive desert route connecting the Draa Valley (Tansikht) and Rissani. Meet a local Berber family,partake in a cooking lesson of how to make traditional bread and a tajine. Then explore and tour the village by foot. Walk in the green fields and see how the traditional Berbers live with their gardens of herbs, livestock, and henna plants.

A traditional Berber family will serve you lunch in Ait Ouzzine. The menu will include a traditional meal of fresh baked bread with spices and a chicken and vegetable tajine and fresh local fruits for desert. After lunch, you can have yourhands and feet painted with henna or your hair adorned with saffron by a local village artist and relax.  Experience the tradition of Berber perfume made from musk and amber along with the villages own spices.

► October is the season of dates. If your tour is taken during the month of October and time allows, your driver will take you on a tour to see how the locals select and pack dates of which you have the option to participate.  Return to Ouarzazate in the early evening.

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