Nomadic Camp

Nomadic Camp


Imagine your very own private, wild campsites in the dunes, in the region of Erg Chigaga.

Designed to accommodate a couple looking for total escape & exploration, yet in comfort & style, three Nomadic Camps are sited within a day’s trek of each other. Walk by foot or trek by camel-back each day, from camp-to-camp, with the option to spend the final night at the luxury camp. Clients typically spend 2-4 nights in the desert.

The essential elements of the luxury camp are available at each Nomadic Camp for max. 2 people – an en-suite sleeping tent with king-size bed, mattress, the finest linens, rugs/carpets, outdoor furniture, and of course a bathroom tent (with toilet and pewter buckets for showering).

Each day’s trek is guided with three-course lunch provided under the shade of a tree. Trekking time is approx. 2-6hrs each day. Camels carry all personal belongings & drinking water – you only need carry your camera.

All meals & soft/alcoholic drinks are provided as standard. Transfers to/from the desert are additional cost.

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