morocco travel tips



Useful items

  • A sleeping bag for longer treks. Sheets and plenty of blankets are provided in the bivouacs
  • A turban (“shesh”) to protect against the sun and sand. There are many places to buy one in different hues along the route
  • Warm clothing for the evening; although the temperature can be pleasant during the day in winter, it can drop dramatically at night.  A warm hat for the night will not come amiss
  • A Swiss army knife and a torch are always handy
  • Trainers are ideal footwear, whilst walking barefoot in the dunes the most practical
  • A good quality sunscreen, sunglasses and a basic first-aid kit
  • Plenty of bottles of water – there will be a last stop before the desert to buy these

Ethical Aspects

In Morocco, as travellers, we are paying guests, exploring and learning about age-old traditions and fascinated by a world so different from our own.  Customs and traditions based either on religion or habits passed down from generation to generation can seem strange, unusual, odd.  Listening, learning and observing, without necessarily understanding and without passing judgment, can enhance our pleasure of participating in this other existence.   As we move round and through this environment, we leave behind impressions of ourselves and our own world – we are the most important ambassadors.  Let us ensure that these memories we leave are ones of warmth, generosity, openness, curiosity, modesty and respect for this different society and for the environment which others experience on a daily basis. Moroccans are very welcoming and hospitable people and it behooves us to keep faith with this.

Environmental aspects

The desert is very much alive – witness the myriads of animal tracks on your morning climb to watch the sunrise.  It is also other people’s living space.  With this in mind and considering also that the dryness of the desert means that even a paper tissue rots only exceedingly slowly, please be careful to remove ALL litter.   Throughout Morocco it is important that we are conscious and careful of our water consumption.  This is a country under constant threat of drought. We are all individually responsible for maintaining a sustainable environment wherever we are.   Of course there are scorpions and snakes in the desert but these rarely pose a danger and they avoid the proximity of humans.  Only in summer is it advisable to keep an eye out.   The reason for the guide along with you is for your own safety.  Please do not venture beyond sight of the camp alone, as it is easy to lose a sense of orientation in the dunes.

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