trekking in morocco

trekking in morocco  is one of the best adventure activities that tourists can do there. Tourists can go trekking in the high atlas mountains of Morocco. By the way, here is a brief introduction abou the high atlas range:

Morocco has the Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Anti Atlas. The High Atlas is the highest, with Toubkal Mountain stretching to 4,165 metres. Anti Atlas does not reach higher than 2531 metres at the most, but still has some of the most rugged landscape. The Middle Atlas reaches 3,350 metres.

The Atlas mountains contain many fertile valleys, since the high peaks force the clouds to give away large quantities of rainfall. While there were many forests in the Atlas earlier, much of this has been exploited, and the cedar, once very common, are almost totally gone. But there are atill many unexploited resources of the mountains. and there are mineral deposits of gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, antimony, phosphates and petroleum.

Many millions of people live in the Atlas Mountains, almost all of them counting themselves as Berbers, except in Tunisia, where the locals regard themselves as Arabs.

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