trekking atlas

Hello, sharing this wonderful experience and let anybody interested in trekking in Morocco know of a great guide.
Anyways, while at the train station  asked a man for information about bus departure times, and he helped  boyfriend and out. He was waiting there to pick up a friend, and also mentioned to  he was a trekking guide in the area. His prices were quite reasonable and he was extremely nice so decided to go on a full day hike with him the next day.

He speaks French, English, Spanish, some Italian, Arabic, and Berber. He is Berber himself and said he has been a guide in the area for over 15 years.

Anyway,  had an amazing day trekking around the Middle Atlas with him, up and around mountains with great views. Afterwards he invited  to his home for lunch with him and showed  how to make a tajine.

He told  he can arrange anything from a half day up to a full week or more of trekking into pretty much anywhere in the high  Atlas mountains.
I would highly recommend him if you are looking to do any trekking in the high Atlas Mountains or if you are going to toubkal area and just want something to do for the day.  spent 2 weeks in Morocco and his trek was by far  best experience there and he was one of the most genuine people met. Also his English was quite good as well so communication was very easy for .

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