Taroudant is located in the south of Morocco, 76 kilometres south of Agadir, in the region of souss, massa, daraa, Taroudant is located between the high and the anti atlas mountains.

Taroudant was the first capital city of the Saadiens dinasty ine the XVI century, that’s why it has such an important place in moroccan history.

Taroudantcity walls are  7,5 kms long,  130 towers and 19 bastions, that have made of the city a giant citadel, the city walls include five entry harbors giving an access by the cardinal points in the name of: Bab al kasbah, Bab Zorgan, Bab Targhount, Bab Oulad Bounouna and Bab El khemis. All these harbors are vaulted in forms moorish door, are dominated by towers.

Taroudant, hese days, personalities come to look for the rest to the shadow of the colored city walls. Renowned as well for its craft industry, leather, wrought iron, wood, ceramic and its berber jewels, Taroudant attracts many tourists from all over the world who come over to look for the softness to live a berber life style and the hospitality of Moroccans in a tempered climate throughout the year.

The souk is the appointments place of the Roudanais, in downtown taroudant, the place assarag coffee shops offer you their animated terraces and warmth of the seasons.

The municipal market place of jnan Jamaa Taroudant is crammed of all the specialties arabo-berbers, bazaars, grocery stores, herboristeries etc.