Casablanca :

The city of Casablanca has three ports. The commercial port exporting fish products, citrus, fruit and vegetables, flowers … In the fishing port during the morning auction in which a part of the day’s catch is sold as fresh fish, the frenetic activity and the ferment deserve While a visit, as well as stalls serving fish, grilled or tajine, and the restaurant of the port. The new marina Casablanca Marina opened at the beginning of 2007. Located in the space of a superb palm bay, protected from wind and waves outside, and perfectly kept, Casablanca Marina has capacity to accommodate up to 320 boats from 6 to 30 meters and up to 4 meters deep. Dock your boat safely in Casablanca for months or a year is perfectly possible. Equipped with a Yacht Club and numerous accommodation, catering, and leisure, Marina Casablanca is a true gem that displays a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.