Agadir City Tour

Agadir City Tour Organisation :

1 Day  starting from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm

Price : 500 Dh / Person .

number of clients : from 2 guests to 300 guests

The Program :

-transfer from Hotel / Riad / Cruise

-explore the agadir Oufella , amazing views from the top roof terrace

-visiting agadir kasbah

-visiting the birds garden

-explore the Promenade (Cornish Sea Side) walking for 30 min into Marina

-visiting the big berber Local Souk Al Had ( the bigest berber local market in the south of morocco)

-visiting the Mosque of Talbourgte

-visiting Agadir Church (optionally)

-visiting the Jewish Church ( optionally )

-visiting the argan cooporation to explore the full argan oil informations ( construction , how we made it , how it work , use for what …etc) .


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