Souk El Had

This is a great place for the Agadir tourist to visit. Apparantly it’s the biggest market in North Africa, and stocks an incredibly vast range of essential items for local people, vast amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, enormous mounds of fragrant herbs and spices, and also all the essential tourist items you may want.

It’s surprisingly clean and although you do get the usual encouragement ti come into shops it’s not too intense, unlike Cairo market.

Some of the stalls have lovely ranges of Moroccan lamps, silverwear and wood goods, you can but the cheap stuff if you like, including knock-off designer fakes, however they do also have a lot of genuine artisan goods like beautiful ceramics and traditionally-produced goods.

It was an essential place to visit, as it gave you a real flavour of the country, and got you out and about amongst the people.

Upon arrival a guide may attach himself to, he iss very useful, and willsave hand over fist any tip gave him at the end. When  were haggling he stepped in and got  a good price, and took to the stalls which sold the goods were after. The souk is vast, so it would have taken  a long time to have found the little gems ourselves.

All in all would strongly recommend Souk El Had as a grear place to visit for a couple of hours, well worth going to.