Agadir Shopping

When you arrive at the souk make sure you remember which door you went in, as there are many entrances to the souk (around 21 ) so if you go in one entrance but come out of another one you may find yourself a bit lost. Also inside the souk itself it all looks the same so take a long look at something that stands out near your entrance so it is easier to find it when you want to leave.
Things to remember:
– remember your entrance number
– haggle away, once you have bought something ask around and if you find a cheaper price somewhere else go back to the stall you   bought it from and tell them you should then get the cheaper price

A very nice place to shop in Agadir is called Le Medina d’Agadir Cocco Polizzi. It was built by an Italian architect who felt that Agadir should have a medina after the entire city was destroyed in an earthquake in the early 1960’s. The medina has a bus that goes to the major hotels and transports you to the medina which is located about 10 minutes from the downtown area. You are buying products from the actual people who are making them. You can watch craftsmen make leather shoes, loom scarfs, wooden boxes, stone carvings, etc.  The prices are generally fixed, most of the shop owners give discounts if asked. Again, what you find here is very genuine (unlike in a lot of the other shops in town where it looks genuine, but in many cases isn’t even made in Morocco). The medina also has a lovely snack bar run by two Moroccan women who will provide you a lunch for a very reasonable price. The medina charges a small entry fee (about 2 euros) which ensures that local hasslers stay out. It was built for tourists and offers some of the cutest boutiques in the country for shopping.  Just ask at your hotel for the Medina of Cocco Polizzi. They’ll know how to get to it.