Agadir Nightlife

There might be a lot to do at night in Agadir, in Summer, but in Winter, this is not the case. Take a leisurely stroll along the seaside terrace, with sounds of the surf to one side, and sounds of laughter, friends, and enjoyment on the other (in Summer) Starting at Gasaa Square, follow your ears to sounds of fun, or your nose to smells of food. The terrace is lined with cafes, bars, and possibly a nightclub that might keep revelers reveling until the wee hours of the morning. In Winter though, the cafe’s and restaurants are not too popular, which is a shame as one of them, Le Nile Bleu, had two very talented locals singing each night. You can also sit with the locals in the square and listen to the music/signing in another restaurant, and watch people stroll by. After this, unless you find a casino or nightclub, there isn’t anything else to do.

There are also family-friendly restaurants along the terrace, where the kids can get ice cream cones, or everyone can try their taste buds at some traditional Moroccan cuisine. Find a cafe chair or bench along the terrace and people-watch in the early evening, or make new friends. If you are a couple, then it should be OK to sit and “make new friends”. However, if you are single, then, those new friends are likely to be the ones who are paid hourly for their services! The abundance of tourists to this location appears to have attracted prostitutes (of both sexes) to the area, hoping to service the toursist’s every need!

Downtown Agadir has its share of nightspots, too, but these tend to be on the higher end of the cover-charge scale. Overall, there is no dress code among night visitors, as a high premium is placed on comfort and relaxation. Sportsbars feature popular evening football matches on their big screens.

Oftentimes, the very hotel you’re staying at offers nightime diversion, with traditional Moroccan music and festive dancers in colors and bangles. Be brave and try a few steps along with them.