Agadir Museums & Attractions

Agadir – as a destination

All the guides will tell you that Agadir is not Morocco, it is very much a tourist and commercial centre, most of which is less than 50 years old – indeed there is a good deal of construction going on. The tourist area is very similar to what you would find in the modern ‘Euro Med’ resorts, plenty of good hotels, wide streets, superb beach, lovely promenade and a pleasant if rather small marina. The climate is generally excellent, enjoying plenty of sunshine and temperatures circa 20 – 22 C (late March / early April 2012) although it was unusually windy for several days.

The beach / promenade runs some 5km from the Marina (in the north of the bay) around to the end of the current hotel developments (in the south) and visitors should note that the majority of the cafes, restaurants and shops are located in the first 2 to 3 km, there being little commercial development in the latter half of the hotel strip.

The marina is the location for a small selection of ‘European branded’ shops, whilst most of the local shops can be found in the city centre between Ave Prince Moulay Abdellah and Ave Hassan II. For local products / handicrafts, do shop around as prices vary enormously and be prepared to haggle. Café prices away from the main tourist areas are good value – 2 coffees and a slice of almond cake for 30 DN at an excellent Patisserie on the corner of Rue de la Foire /  Ave Hassan II.

Museums are either free or inexpensive, they also tend to be small and of limited interest. Gardens / parks are small and there are few places of historical interest, the Kasbah on the hill top overlooking the city affords excellent panoramic views and is the only thing that survived the earthquake of 1960. Culture vultures will need to plan a few excursions or look elsewhere.