Weather & When to Go

Agadir holds the promise of a sunny holiday on the sandy beach and is a great winter destination, with lovely warm days to ease the aches and pains of a working ‘life’ and ‘cool’ late evenings. Note that AGADIR at ‘night’ [ after 12:00 midnight] is a ‘cool’ place to be and warm clothing is advised. You can travel from AGADIR both North and South, EAST into the Mountains and on the road to Marrakech [260 kms away] to make any number of exciting and wonderful trips whilst on holiday. There is modern shopping at ‘Marjane’ or the souks [ fish, fruit and vegetable and AGADIR’s main Market as well as the regular markets held around the villages that surround this fairly modern metropolis].

The average high temperature in Agadir vary between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius in the summer. Temperatures for Agadir are taken from the Airport several miles inland and here they often have record temperatures over 38 degrees C or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures up to 48 degrees C (118 F) have been recorded. No day colder than 0 Celsius (34 degrees F) has ever been recorded.

It never really rains from June through August though it is often blanketed with mist and fog in the summer months. The most rain comes in the months of December through March, when it can rain five times a month. You can travel to Agadir year-round but the cooler months tend to be more popular (because of the summer fog) so if you don’t mind dry and clear days in the mid-sixties, this might be the best time to go. In late November to early December – it is usually sunny and about 22C. You will need a jumper/sweatshirt in the evenings/nights though.