Taxis & Rental Cars

Many people do rent cars, as this helps the process of traveling from the airport to Agadir.  While you can drive around Agadir, you must remember that there are a few fundamental driving differences.  First, you must drive defensively, and second, you must remember that cars merging on the right have priority over you.  As long as you stay on your toes–ready for trucks driving at night without lights, or cars crossing the centerline on a whim–you’ll do just fine.

Many of the major car rental companies are represented at the airport.  Avis and Hertz have offices, for example.  So does a popular European car rental company called Europcar.  Pay the extra fee to get collision insurance, as the risk of collision is high.  Remember that most companies require the driver to be at least twenty-five years old.

If you want someone else to navigate the streets for you, you might prefer to take a cab.  Remember to remind the taxi cab driver to turn on his meter–they often “forget”–or you can negotiate a fare up front.  If you need to go on group trips between cities, try a Grands taxi, which are inexpensive and can be found in each region of Morocco.