Getting to Agadir from the airport

The taxi fare from the airport to any hotel in the tourist sector is fixed by law at 150Dh in the daytime but after 8pm this changes to 200Dh. This rate is regardless of how many passengers are in the vehicle but strictly a maximum of four unless rules have changed.

More recently a charge for luggage has been introduced at 20Dh.

Once again it’s not 150Dh or 200Dh per passenger but 150Dh or 200Dh for the whole taxi plus the luggage charge.

There is a chap at a desk just by the doors before you exit the airport building who will tell you exactly what the costs are; these are written on a notice board next to his desk and covers all major destinations such as Essaouira, Tiznit, Marrakech etc. When you come out of the airport you will probably be approached by a driver but if not, there is a parking area for coaches, minibuses etc in front of the entrance. Walk straight ahead and down a short path to the main car park where, on the left, you will see the Grand Taxi’s which are cream coloured Mercedes.

The journey from the airport to the tourist area of Agadir, which is known as Secteur Touristique, will take about 30 minutes and is very dusty with the windows down; the taxis don’t usually have air con.

If you need cash when at the airport, there is an ATM and Bureau de Change, only take currency of the country from which you are travelling or if you have any other spare currency this should be accepted; read the article “Banks And Money” under the heading “Before You Go” for more information on money matters.

The taxi men will also take euros no problem. by the way.. if your havnt changed your money yet into dirhams.. some times they try to get more than 200dr from you like 220dr so i dont normally have a problem with that cos its only €2 two euro more so its like thats the tip!! unless they are friendly etc.. so its roughly about 20€ for your fare which isnt too bad for a 30 min drive..