Arriving & Departing

The easiest way to get to Agadir is to fly to the airport in Marrakesh, and then to take a car the final 160 miles (about a three hour drive) to Agadir.  The main airport is Menara Airport (RAK), which is just a few miles from the city of Marrakesh.  Marrakesh is in the center of the country, and you’ll need to drive south and west to get to Agadir.  Take your time along the road from Marrakesh to Agadir, as there are some interesting sites along the route.  The flight from most European cities is only about four hours, while the flight from New York City is thirteen hours.  Flights from London are 5.5 hours.

To get from the airport to Agadir, you can take a bus. The Marrakesh to Agadir bus terminal is called the Gare Routière bus terminal at Bab Doukkala.  Taxis are difficult at the airport, and few trains head south.  Busses and cars are your best bet for the second leg of your trip.

You can cross into Morocco driving a car.  A ferry will take you and your car across the Straits of Gibraltar.  From there you’ll have about a day’s worth of driving to get to Agadir.

Actually, the best way to get to Agadir is to fly directly to Agadir. Landing in Marrakech leaves you a 4 hour drive through some pretty rough mountain areas on a two-lane road with buses and trucks zipping by in both directions. Why take the risk when you could fly directly to Agadir and spend those 4 hours on the beach?

If you want to visit Marrakech get a petit taxi to innezganne bus station, ca. 15 dirham, then get the bus, the direct bus office is across the street from the main bus station. You will see the busses parked in front of the office CTM bus co. It might look as if it is closed but go in the door on the right hand side of the CTM (which is not marked). This is where you actually buy your ticket, 70 dirham plus 20 per bag, prepare yourself for six hours of back-breaking and terrifying driving through the mountains, there are no trains between these two cities.