Mountain hiking in Morocco

The High Atlas is the highest mountain in North Africa. It forms in the south of Morocco a huge barrier and culminates at the summit of Toubkal at 4168 m. The mountains are colorful and reveal an intense erosion. Rivers of M’Goun and Dades itspawn of winding passages and beautiful. We put them back in order to discover the beauty of the gorges, valleys, amazing green cast in the mountains, villages dominated incredible adobe citadels, whose ocher colors contrast with the lush greengardens.

The Middle Atlas with its original beauty and its cedar forests.

Jebel Saghro is a mountain located south of the High Atlas and Dades. Chain-likepre-Saharan Hoggar and Tassili.

The massive Siroua, located 200 km south of Marrakech and 60 km west ofOuarzazate. Old volcanic massif between the High Atlas to the Anti-Atlas and culminates at 3.305m. It is a sacred summit, animal sacrifices are held after eachgrowing season. It cultivates the pure saffron and almonds, and they practice herdinggoats, sheep and cows. The Siroua is a solid rich in discovery and disorientation.

Anti-Atlas: the massif of Jebel Bani (Lkest) Tafraoute and around the beautiful valleysof almond and argan. Through this unique landscape, the rocks of red sandstone and tan, we are also exploring the peaks, gorges, peaks, plateaus … and meet a warm and welcoming population. The almond trees bloom from mid-January and mid-March.