he Morocco is a wonderful place for lovers of hiking and trekking, you will enjoy the full days walking in the High Atlas with camping in the villages or in night shelters. During your daily walks, you will appreciate the contact with the population and wealth of our mountains.

High Atlas
The Atlas is a monument in the Moroccan geography both in its proportions than its contrasts. Ride strong streaking across the country from southwest to northeast, the High Atlas is one of the great mountains of the world, the ideal place of hiking Morocco.

Parallel to the Atlantic shores, the Anti-Atlas Agadir is close to 2 000 m and offers stunning scenery, ruins of ancient granite landforms. The feature consists of massive chaos of “balls” stacked, covered with original vegetation: cactus, almond trees, oleanders and palms. The villages “nests of wasps” gather their cubes ocher cons of granite blocks, between sweetness and bitterness of orchards in the mountains.

Middle Atlas
The Middle Atlas draws a painting plant at the northern tip of Morocco with a giant carpet of cedars and oaks. The small town of Ifrane was even used as a local curiosity in summer due to its mild temperatures (one for the sky). Elsewhere, the forest skirts the desolate highlands and barley crops adapt themselves perfectly to the nearby lakes. The oleander form a guard of honor for the river Oum er Rbia (mother of spring) which begins the 40 sources.