Sea Trips

Take a boat trip and discover the coastal and marine environment in Agadir.

Of old ships, in small groups or on boats for tourism welcoming many passengers, your guides will offer you rewarding and informative comments on the area you skim. You will learn good time on the ledge of Agadir, the fishing port until taghazoute.
These boat trips are therefore primarily designed to show you and make you aware of maritime landscapes that unfold before your eyes. The opportunity to admire the beauty of the coastline and the most fabulous sites along the coast.
Depending on the area of your destination, you will have a wide range of boat trips to explore the beautiful regions. Whatever the formula (boat trip of an hour or two, half day or full day), you’ll be seduced by the context certainly iodized and lulled by the sweetness of life at sea
Enjoy the pleasure to be guided in the most picturesque sites and the most amazing, unimaginable views of the continent to a new understanding of geography.