Marabout – 13 days

Day 1 : Transfer from airport to Mhamid 

Day 2 : Mhamid * Sidi Naji
Leaving M’hamid by the large palm, we will discover small dune and Tamarisk to reach the Marabout Sidi Naji.

Day 3 : Sidi Naji * Zair
Sidi Naji we join the chain of Bani, to the Algerian border to reach Zair old souk and ruin a casbah, or we will plant our camp.

Day 4 : Zair * Zahar
We descend the bathroom or we discover a clear view of the plain elaammari to join the Marabout of Sidi AOMR.

Day 5 : Zahar * Erg smar
Morning dedicated to the discovery of the fauna and flora, to the oasis erg Smar (former village in ruins).

Day 6 : Erg smar * Oum tobgane
We go through a drill Tamaris Atlet to Salem, we stopped to camp at the edge of the dunes, close to ancient cultures oum tobgane.

Day 7 : Oum tobgane * El aalem
Crossing part of reg, we reach the lake to iriqui Erg Elaalem, Bivouac between wadi and sand dunes.

Day 8 : Elaalem * Erg lroul
Day march dedicated to the discovery of dry lake Iriqui where we spend the evening at the erg Lroul.

Day 9 : Erg lroul * Chigaga
Day walk in the sea of sand to Chigaga or we pause to enjoy the sunset.

Day 10 : Chigaga * Oasis sacrée
Early morning walk to reach the oasis sacred to taste the water pure and fresh from this oasis.

Day 11 : Oasis sacrée Mhamid 
Back in ATV to arrive at Mhamid, visit the old Kasbah, Hammam in late afternoon.

Day 12 : Mhamid * Marrakech
Return to Marrakech via Ouarzazate Riad at night.

Day 13 : Transfer from riad to airport