Camel Trips

two hours Ride

(Camels and Horses Available)

We suggest rides and appropriate horses adapted for your level, either on the beach or in the mountains.

We leave the ranch towards the beautiful beach for 6 km .

We suggest discovering the mountains and we return to the beautiful beach for a final gallop. After our rides we offer mint tea back at ranch.

price : 30 euro / person

The Sunset Ride 

(Camels and Horses Available)

Come and join us for a two hour sunset ride. We will collect you and bring you to the stables where you will be paired with your perfect partner before setting off along the beautiful beaches of Agadir.

With the flowing tides and golden sands, you will experience the thrill of galloping through the waves and the feeling of flying into the sunset.

price : 30 euro / person

1/2 day (three hours) 

(Camels and Horses Available)

We will meet with you, and select for you the horse that suits your level of expertise be you a beginner or a well seasoned rider.

Your comfort, safety, and enjoyment are our specialities, as well as our sense of adventure, and our love of what we do! We believe in having fun! We then depart the ranch, and ride for one and a half hours on the fantastic and tranquil 6 km beach that stretches for Banana beach in Aourie , past the Devil’s Rock at Immorane to the old fishing village of Taghazout.

Continue then along the well trodden mountain trails to discover the nomadic tents staffed by our well trained and engaging staff.. return back to the beach, and enjoy a long gallop back to the Devil’s Rock, then to the ranch where you can relax and reflect, undisturbed in the stillness, and to absorb the meditations of your experience over a pot of freshly brewed mint-tea.

price : 35 euro / person

One Day Trip

(Camels and Horses Available)

(All inclusive lunch)

The day starts at 9 am at the ranch then we trek along the beach up into the mountains to Taghazout,

stop for picnic then trek down the mountains to the beach, the day ends back at the ranch at 17:30.

price : 65 euro / person

One day and one night tour

(Camels and Horses Available)

(Food and accommodation


The day starts at 9 am at the ranch then we trek along the beach up into the mountains to Taghazout where we stop for picnic then continue to trek through the mountains,at 5:00 we set up camp on the top of the mountains over baking the beach and dinner is provided.

Following morning we have breakfast followed by a trek back down the mountains to the beach and finish at the ranch. 

price : 120 euro / person

Two days and one night tour

(Food and accommodation


The day starts at 9 am at the ranch .

then we trek along the beach up into the mountains and eat picnic at the village Berber, we trek continue in the mountains till we reach a beautiful river with lovely flowers and scenery, this is where we camp for the evening and dinner is provided.

Following morning we trek through local villages into the mountains where we stop for picnic then beach trek home back to the ranch where the day ends.

price : 170 euro / person

Three horse days with two night

« Paradise Valley » is the name given to the valley which ascends to the village of Immouzer. Stunning scenery combining lush palm groves,crystal clear streams and tiny hillside hamlets comprise this wonderful valley. Just outside Immouzer village, huge waterfalls cascade to clear pools.

Day1: The trip begins at the ranch where each rider becomes acquainted with their horse. We first follow the river and pass through the palm and olive groves. We will spend the night in a beautiful oasis.

Day2: We trek south to the beach through woods passing through traditional Berber villages. Then, we spend the night at the beach.

Day3: We return to the ranch by riding along the shore.

Price : 300 euro / person

What is included in the Prices :

The transport is included in the price.

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