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Agadir excursions, Agadir Tours , Agadir things to do , Agadir activities and Agadir trips are Sud Aventures Tours Specialty, They include cultural tours, camel trek, imperial city tours, Agadir, Marrakech, Sahara desert, Atlas Mountains, Fes, Casablanca. Sud Aventures tours Morocco tours provide information on itineraries, festivals, cuisine, museums and history. Your trip to Morocco is indeed a travel with Morocco travel expert. We are glad to provide Moroccan special Tours package depending on your budget and time. Our Morocco tours are done by comfortable mini van, 4×4 land cruiser and camels. The tours are for all people; individuals, young and old couples, families and groups. We provide different types of accommodation like hotels, riads and auberges from 0,1,2 3, 4 and 5 stars and also the equipped Berber tents in the Sahara desert. Thus, we take the pride in providing the highest standards and quality of Moroccan travels and tours. If you have a dream of discovering exotic horizons, don’t hesitate to book with us. Our expert team tour assures you of getting to that final step in fulfilling your dreams

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10 thoughts on “Sud Aventures Tours

  1. ★★★★★
    Wir waren mit Sud Aventures Tours für4 Nächte in der Wüste und hatten eine tolle Zeit. Wir haben eine 7 tägige Tour mit zwei Übernachtungen in Marrakesch gebucht und restlos begeistert. Die Abholung am Flughafen war pünktlich. Die zwei verschiedenen Riads in Marrakesch waren toll. Die Fahrt über das Gebirge zum Trekking-Startplatz war gut und komfortabel. Die Tour selber war einfach toll. Ein tolles Team (Mohamed mit zwei Helfern und 4 Dromedare ) das sich sehr gut um uns gekümmert hat. Ein wirklich hervorragendes Essen! Sehr lecker und reichhaltig. Es wurde auch Brot in der Wüste gebacken. Kann ich nur empfehlen.

  2. ★★★★★
    thanks to my friends in “Sud Aventures Tours ” who gives us a chance to discovered some very significant spot in the désert it’s an amazing world , really this group helped me to organize my trip to desert ,we started the trip from the important cities of desert like zagora and we walked in souk .
    after that we visited the sand dunes of “chgaga” by camels ,we spend a very beautiful night in the oasis ,in addition our trip continue to atlas mountains which were covered by snow

  3. ★★★★★
    Ich habe schon mehrere Sahara-Trekking-Touren mit Mohamend und seinem Berberteam unternommen und bin einfach nur begeistert. Es ist für alles bestens gesorgt und man fühlt sich rundherum sicher und gut aufgehoben. Mohamed ist ein sehr aufmerksamer und umsichtiger Führer, und die Wüste ist einfach ein einmaliges Erlebnis. Die Abholung am Flughafen, der Transfer und die gesamte Organisation der Tour sind 1a, pünktlich und absolut zuverlässig. Mohamed und sein Team machen es möglich, dass man Marokko und die Wüste Sahara entspannt erleben und genießen kann. Sud Aventures Tours kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

  4. ★★★★
    consider our trip in Sahara with Mohamed’s group a very unique and beautiful experience. We got a good taste of this whole other world. The guides were very friendly and took care of everything. We experienced their cooking habbits as well and walked miles in the desert and went through nice Berber villages. There were often stops to rest and eat and every night we camped at the dunes and just enjoyed the sense of being in the desert- a unique feeling. We also got to have a small ride with dromadeurs, who were the carriers of our entire equipment during the whole trip. Arranging the trip was quite flexible, as you can choose how many days you want and the price seemed reasonable. We had no real problems communicating with our guides in English and with some little French we knew. However, people who want some luxury in their trips should take in consideration that a trip in desert is a trip in nature, i.e. no bathrooms involved, we could take a shower after the 4th day of walking in a hotel at the end of our route. Overall, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I highly recommend it.

  5. Dear sir

    you didn’t change your clock that the UK time was 1 hour forward , we came to collect you at 16:00 but you were not there , please be aware to change your clock to the local time every time you travel to another country .

    Please note that we have offered a free service after this happen , but you were not interessting

    best regards

    Sud Aventures Tours

  6. ★★★★★
    Quoi dire sauf que cela a était une expérience inoubliable.
    Se sont des paysages incroyables, des rencontres avec des autochtones, des fout rire en montant les dromadaires, des guides sympas, qui font TOUT (cuisine, montage de tente, thé à la menthe…), cela a été vraiment un voyage inoubliable.
    A recommender MILLE fois

  7. ★★★★★
    Mit 4 Freunden, 4 Dromedare und 3 Berbern 5 Tage durch die Wüste einfach ein tolles Erlebnis. Die Tour war sehr gut organisiert vom Flughafen Marrakesch aus bis in die Wüste und zurück. Wir waren im sehr schönen Riads untergebracht und haben in der Wüste im Zelt übernachtet. Die Verpflegung war klasse und reichhaltig. Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert.

  8. ★★★★★
    E’ stato un viaggio magnifico, grazie anche all’ottima organizzazione e alla grande disponibilità di Alì nel guidarci a scoprire il Marocco.
    Abbiamo visitato piccoli centri con i mercati e i centri più grandi e famosi delle città imperiali.
    Indimenticabile l’escursione e la notte nel deserto; le nostre guide sono state veramente brave e molto gentili e disponibili con noi, ci hanno fatto sentire tra amici. Rapporto qualità/prezzo eccellente.

  9. ★★★★★
    Pegamos uma van na praça principal e viajamos por longas horas até chegar onde os dromedários nos esperavam para nos levar até as tendas no deserto. Recomendação: descanse bem antes de fazer esse passeio, acaba sendo bem cansativo. Mas não dá pra deixar de fazê-lo. A noite no deserto foi bem divertida, jantar farto e típico (tagine).

  10. ★★★★
    we had a peaceful time in the desert and our guides, all native Berber, showed us a lot how they live as nomads in the desert. We passed a lot of very nice places in the sand dunes but also in the rocky part of the Sahara. The guides are very friendly and attentive. This tour we made on walking or riding on dromedaries is a good experience to see the beauty of the Sahara. We really had a good time also with a lot of happiness.

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